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As the leader of the Freedom Talk movement, I am eager to guide the creative minds and visionaries who are ready to transition from stuck and unproductive to embracing the unique gifts, strengths and talents that support an AUTHENTIC life with MORE FREEDOM and LESS BONDAGE!

-Tamara C.

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Check out the Freedom Talk podcast! Your host and co-founder of the Freedom Talk movement, Tamara Carrington, shares her experiences and wisdom of life as a visionary, entrepreneur, mom and wife all while following her vision of MORE FREEDOM, LESS BONDAGE!

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My entire life shifted the day I picked up the phone and asked Tammy (Tamara) for help. I thought that my husband needed to be fixed and she was going to help me. I was tired and felt as limp as a rag. Did I mention that I was also on my way to losing my 2nd marriage! Well little did I know, I was in for a MAJOR marriage/life reconstruction AND my husband was nowhere in the building materials. IT WAS ME! I needed to grow up, get a grip and graduate! Tammy helped me to discover my authenticity. I gathered some tools from her coaching, put them in my bag and my life changed for the better. Oh and my husband? He never got "fixed" but his wife got an overhaul and today I choose to have an amazing marriage! Thank you Tammy! This journey has been amazing!

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